Active Lifestlyle Program is designed to keep our Tenants as active as possible!  We try to offer a variety of social options that appeal to our customers! 

Greetings from Courtyard Estates of Galva!  We take great pride in striving to offer a variety of lifestyle choices to our community.  We believe that as each of our staff are different as our the tenants that fill our halls with Joy.  This doesn’t just include the games and hobbies that we participate in, this is a choice that we try to offer across the board.  Wheather that be to accomadate specific areas of strength training or to accomodate specific hobby interests.   We offer a variety of trips outside of our facility because we believe in the importantce of maintaining the social and community belonging that they have had their whole life.   In house, our goal is to help our tenants to contiue to develop their own talents and interest.  


Active Lifestyle Coordinator 


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