Dorothy Erickson’s Family   “We are very happy with Courtyard. Mom seems very satisfied and happy here! Thanks for all you do for her.”

Marlene Manning (daughter of tenant)   “I am so impressed with the caring loving attitude of the staff from top to bottom. This facility is a real blessing to us as a family of a tenant.”

Lynne Bullock (Daughter of tenant)   I am very grateful for Courtyard Estates. You all do a wonderful job! What a relief to know my Mother has excellent care.” Thank you all!

Elizabeth Hansen (Tenant)  I like it! I think it is great! Everyone is wonderful. The staff is wonderful. I give them an A+. The food is great! You couldn’t as for anything better.

Charlotte Falk (Tenant)   I like it very much. I am going to be real happy here. With good looking girls around, how could you not like it here. The tenants are enjoyable. I love the food. I like the idea that I can choose what I want to eat, if i dont like what is being served. I love the staff!

Pauline Englund (daughter of tenant, Sandy Carley)  I want to thank you for the wonderful care you have given my mother.  She is so fortunate to have such caring people to take care of her.  Sharon has sent me pictures of your beautiful facility.  She has also told me how kind your entire staff has been!

Amy & Tony (family of tenant)  Some people have a special wasy of knowing what to do to make things nicve for others—And that’s just the way with you!  Thanks for taking care of Mom!

Millie Whitmer (daughter in law of tenant)  Thanks again for everything, Bob sure is enjoying it there and we sure like seeing him so happy.  Such a nice facility and staff.  Feels like Home!

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