Every tenant is an individual and can expect specialized care in a pleasing, stimulating environment. With safety features in place for tenants’ protection, every Betty’s Garden features an open floor plan designed to encourage interaction and independence. This affords tenants the freedom to move around, interact and enjoy each day, all under the supervision of a trained coordinator.

We limit the occupancy of our intimate home setting so that our specialized experts in Alzheimer’s disease and dementia care can completely focus on the individual’s total care. Our caregivers are finely tuned to each tenant’s preferences and personality to notice nuances in behavior changes and to anticipate needs. Medications are accurately managed to ensure proper and timely dosage.

Betty’s Garden is an ideal care giving alternative for the time when home care is no longer the optimal environment for someone living with Alzheimer’s disease or related dementias. Our Coming Home program was designed exclusively for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias, and has proven a welcome answer for tenants and families alike.

Coming Home is a comprehensive enrichment program for Betty’s Garden, which is designed to ensure an all-encompassing, fulfilling experience for every tenant. It fosters daily interaction with tenants of Betty’s Garden in these areas: Creative / expressive, physical, social, cognitive, and emotional / spiritual. Coming Home utilizes a hands-on approach to daily engagement where the act of doing enforces memory and physical health, sparks creativity and expression, promotes social interaction, and ensures overall well-being. The Coming Home schedule provides structure and depth to the community’s daily routine, with the opportunity to individualize activities based on each tenant’s uniqueness and the distinctive atmosphere of each community. Coming Home provides a sense of consistency and balance, uses cues to establish different times of day, and rotates busy times with periods of rest. Set routines help create an almost automatic motion, and reduce stress and worry for tenants, families, and caregivers.

Connection with Family and Friend

The Coming Home program provides super simple e-mail and video telephone calls. Talk to, and see grand kids and old friends.

My Story

The Coming Home program helps bring words and photos together to tell your loved one’s story. Share your history and help our staff get to know you and your preferences.

Therapy and fitness

Your loved one can ride a bike on scenic routes, fly an airplane, solve puzzles, participate in Sit and Be Fit™ and more.

Mental Stimulation

Hundreds of activities like trivia quizzes, games, and puzzles are designed to be entertaining and help exercise your loved one’s mind. Also included are noted brain fitness programs like Happy Neuron™.


Is your loved one a card player? Perhaps she or he likes history, travel, movies, classic television, art, music… the library is extensive.

Spiritual Support

Sermons, hymns and inspirational videos are just a few of the options offered to supplement your loved one’s spiritual practice.

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