Dear Courtyard Estates Staff,

I would like to thank all of you for your contributions to the expert care my mother received during her time at your facility. The obvious pride you folks take in your work was evident in each and every visit we made. We were always kept informed and were confident in knowing that mom’s needs were first priority. I think you should all take pride in your dedication.

Thanks again,
Rich Riggins

I would like to add my thanks to those of my brothers and sisters for the great care that you have given my mother, Peg Riggins. The professional efforts of you and your staff provided a high level of confidence that my mother was being well looked after. I always felt welcome when I visited Courtyard and always left with a feeling that my mother was getting the best care possible.

Thank you very much,
Robert E. Riggins

 Dear Mr. Peterson,

I want to thank you very much for your personal assistance in our families’ recent submission to the VA on behalf of our mother, Bernice Rowe. Taking the time to assist us as you did was extraordinary. Your timely cooperation was essential to the successful and timely completion of all required paperwork.

Since Mom moved into Courtyard in 2007, our family has witnessed many changes. Throughout, our main concern has been for our Mother’s health and happiness. The care Mom has received over these years has assured our family sleep without worry. We have always found the staff very supporting for both Mom and our family members. However, I believe that the current staff, under your direction, has stepped it up. Mom seems happier these days. I like what you all are doing.

In this current staff there are two members, in addition to you, that stand out in my opinion. They not only contribute daily to Mom’s happiness and well being but, they are of so much value to me and our family. One is Lindsey Dana, Wellness Director, who provides so much medical/logistical assistance to my sister and I on an “always there for us” basis that her name is synonymous with Courtyard in our homes. Then, there is Marcy (Marcy Solomon); though I have never met her, I am a big fan. She has provided Mom with so much ‘genuine’ pleasure as she has driven her to and from appointments and on the many excursions you seem to always have. Lindsey is our medical guru and Marcy is our Mom’s daily dose of “sunshine”. Mom adores them both. And, I find them both to be very special to my sister and me as well.

Courtyard, for our family, has proved to be a positive experience. It has proven to be the “right choice” for our Mom. Our family sleeps well at night knowing she is under the care of your staff and you. You all do a great job! Thanks.

Gary Rowe

 Hi Cory,

Thank you so much for all of your assistance with Dad’s referral to Courtyard. It’s an absolutely beautiful facility & we feel so fortunate that he is there!!

Dad was wondering about continuing with physical therapy? Would medicare continue to pay for that at Courtyard? Is there anything I need to do to see about starting that back up now that he’s moved?

Thanks again, Cory. The staff have been great & it’s been such a relief for us that he had this option.

Hope you have a nice weekend,
Julie Landwehr

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