As a leader in residential living for those with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia-related illnesses, Betty’s Garden offers several unique features that make us different from assisted living and skilled nursing facilities. We are truly the residential alternative to institutional care for those with dementia.

Our specially designed units are inside a specialized section of our industry-leading Assisted Living facility. At Betty’s Garden we provide all services at a fixed, affordable rate. Our services are equally provided to all tenants. Additional care level charges may be incurred based on regular assessments.

Design amenities include:

  • Color coded carpeting
  • Specialized paintings to simulate a garden atmosphere
  • Shadow boxes
  • Private memory garden
  • Delayed egress secure entry
  • Security cameras
  • Personal pendant
  • Private dining,
  • Specialized programming
  • Much more

Our staff is specially trained to provide personal care assistance with the activities of daily living. In addition to structured group activities, we encourage tenant participation in meal preparation, laundry, housekeeping, and putting away the groceries, all of which are effective dementia care activities.

Betty’s Garden Coming Home program stresses a daily schedule of activities that becomes a familiar and comforting routine for those with dementia, unlike the complex and confusing monthly program calendars found in most large facilities.

Our medication management is specifically designed for our environment, with particular attention paid to safety. Our Wellness Director and pharmacy coordinate with the physician to ensure the proper medications are prescribed and administered.

A fundamental belief of Betty’s Garden is to gain tenant independence from inappropriate medications. Because of our staffing levels and the intimacy of our homes, we have an increased ability to observe each individual tenant. Our goal is to manage tenant behavior without the reliance on psychotropic drug therapies. Our message is clear – we are not able to cure Alzheimer’s disease; however with proper medication management we do frequently see improvements in the quality of life of our tenants.

In addition to the common services and amenities, Betty’s Garden provides 24 hour tenant centered engagement. Its your family surrounded by ours.

Services Included in the Monthly Fee:

  • 24 hour care & on-site staff
  • 3 home style meals in private dining area
  • Daily laundry services & housekeeping
  • Personalized medication set up and administration
  • Personal care services tailored to you and your family’s needs.
  • Nurse assessments involving family and physicians
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