Welcome to Courtyard Estates of Piper City, the area’s premiere independent living community. At Courtyard Estates of Piper City, our goal is to provide professional, compassionate services for older adults while promoting independence, which allows our tenants to maintain or improve their current lifestyle.

Courtyard Estates of Piper City is focused on keeping the senior population as active as possible. Our facility was designed to assist active seniors who are able to care for themselves except for a few everyday activities. At Courtyard Estates of Piper City, we will create a wellness plan for each individual tenant upon admission and contact family if we find they need assistance. The service plan is updated regularly to assure that each tenant receives the appropriate attention for his or her needs. Courtyard Estates of Piper City provides the perfect setting for tenants to take advantage of a full range of services available. As well as, the ease of transfer to a different facility as his or her needs change without needing to look for a new facility, relocate or adapt to a new setting. Our independent living community is an alternative housing opportunity, appropriate for many seniors who choose not to live alone.

Courtyard Estates of Piper City offers unique lifestyle choices, allowing each tenant to maintain privacy, autonomy and security. Our staff is professionally trained and educated in providing the highest quality of services, which promotes a safe, loving and healthy environment. Our healthcare provisions allow for a wide range of services within a competitively priced, all-inclusive monthly rate. We are committed to providing an independent lifestyle of quality and value defined by you.

Courtyard Estates of Piper City
Jeniffer Holzhauer , Director

580 S. Maple St.
P.O. Box 68
Piper City , Illinois 60959
Phone: (815) 686-9000
Fax: (815) 686-2326

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